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With our innovative services, you can have the benefit of having access to important documents that will enable you to take control of your legal affairs. 

PlusCounsel is one of the country's leading independent organizations in providing affordable and direct legal assistance, through licensed professional service providers. Every single day there are a large amount of individuals and businesses who unexpectedly find themselves in need of immediate legal assistance. Whether it’s due to an auto accident, a traffic ticket, a harassing creditor, a necessary legal document, or a variety of other scenarios, we all find ourselves in need of a reliable law firm at one point or another. That's where PlusCounsel comes in.

PlusCounsel has focused its attention on individuals, families and businesses by offering free consultations, as well as legal documents and answers to your legal questions for a small affordable monthly fee.  Pluscounsel is the ideal solution for individuals, families, and businesses with any potential need for professional assistance. In addition to affordable and reliable legal representation, members enjoy the benefits of a host of other much needed professional services. PlusCounsel is a one stop solution for your legal needs, and are dedicated to continually work to improve and increase the services available to its valued members.

PlusCounsel’s professional team is comprised of experienced, credited attorneys, business entrepreneurs and dedicated technology developers, all whom are responsible for establishing our company's unique vision and driving our commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need an attorney, realtor, accountant, insurance agent, or other licensed professional service provider, we are here for you!

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The TL Brown Law Firm commits its partners, associates, and professional staff to effectively and ethically representing the interests of its clients. With practice areas in business law, corporate representation, consumer protection, civil and criminal litigation, as well as bankruptcy and estate planning, our experienced attorneys offer proven results. We are professionals serving professionals, including members of the business and Hispanic communities. TL Brown Law Firm is committed to creative approaches and early resolution to our clients' legal matters.


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