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This is to give you notice that PlusCounsel, LLC has a working relationship with TL Brown Law Firm and Associates of Carrington RE Services. Some of the principals of Pluscounsel have an interest on these companies. A referral to these companies may provide PlusCounsel officers a financial or other benefit.


a) All fees charged to Member will be disclosed in a written agreement. 

b) All fees will be considered earned upon receipt.  PlusCounsel does not issue refunds.

c) The amount of time needed to settle a debt may vary; however, research and the experience of our Service Providers has demonstrated that debts can be settled on average 1-4 months.  Member should be aware that Member must have the funds available to settle an account before settlement negotiations can be completed.

d) The amount of money needed to settle a debt may vary; however, research and the experience of our Service Providers has demonstrated that debts over $1,000 can be settled for about 30-60% of the balance owed.  Debts under $1,000 usually settle for far less and some creditors are unwilling to offer settlements for such debts.

e) A failure to pay Member’s creditors may negatively affect Member’s credit score.  It may also cause creditors to frequently contact Member in an attempt to collect and creditors may possibly file a legal action against Member.  Moreover, a failure to pay Member’s creditors may result in late fees and increased interest being applied to Member’s debt account balance.

f) Member has the option to save funds in a dedicated account at an insured financial institution.  Any funds that Member saves in dedicated account are considered the Member’s funds until they are applied to a creditor payment.  Additionally, the financial institution maintaining the dedicated account may charge Member a monthly fee for its services.  Member has the right to withdraw such funds at any time.  Member may also withdraw from PlusCounsel’s services at any time and upon withdrawal, Member will be entitled to all unused funds held in Member’s dedicated account. 

g) Settling debt accounts for less than the total balance owed may have potential tax consequences.  Should Member choose, Member will contact a tax professional to discuss potential tax consequences of debt resolution.